Xydexx's Axiom of Fandom Enjoyability


Ever wonder why some people end up hating furries and Furry fandom while everyone else is enjoying it? Perhaps it's all a matter of perspective.

Xydexx's Axiom Of Fandom Enjoyability consists of several essays I posted to LiveJournal ruminating on the subject after noticing how the Big Complainers in this fandom tended to flock together. Was it possible that things in the fandom weren't that bad, and they had just created an echo chamber to reassure each other how horrible the fandom was? What we see depends on what we look for. If all you look for is bad things, eventually that's all you'll see.

Some Guy Who Used To Be A Big Name In The Fandom claims this is an essay about ignoring problems, so before we go any further let's debunk that nonsense. I've stated (exhaustively) that people absolutely should complain about problems—just complain to someone in a position to do something about them. I think my record of support for things like improved media policies at furry conventions and distributing accurate information about Furry fandom as far and wide as possible speaks for itself here.

If anything, this is an essay about solving problems by avoiding people who complain endlessly, yet provide no viable, positive solutions to the problems they complain about. Those people are part of the problem. They don't want a solution, they just want attention.

This is about letting your actions speaking louder than your words. It's furry fandom, love it or change it. The whole reason Furry fandom is thriving today is because of the people who did something better than just complain or give up.

Jim Doolittle summed it up best in this excellent essay: "Leaving in disgust is not the answer. Whining is not the answer. Playing petty politics against people you don't like or agree with is not the answer. The answer is to create the things you want to see in fandom. Support like-minded people. Refuse to play the ruiners' game, and finally, remember the most important rule of furry fandom: Have Fun."

I think it's beneficial to have the essays that were inspired by Jim's original available for folks to read. I hope they are enlightening and help others avoid the downward spiral of losing perspective.

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Xydexx's Axiom Of Fandom Enjoyability

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