Xydexx's Axiom of Fandom Enjoyability

Part 3 - January 8, 2003

I was talking with Giza on FurryMUCK earlier today, and he mentioned something that got me thinking about furry fandom's self-image problem (as opposed to image problem, which while it could be better, really isn't that bad... but that's another story).

Every now and then, I'll stumble across someone saying "I don't like furries because they're [angsty/whiny/irresponsible/in-your-face/insert random bad qualities here]." (For clarification, that isn't a quote from Giza, it's just an example of the attitude I'm talking about.)

I maintain that's not a Furry thing, that's an Idiot thing. There's people with bad qualities in any group. Being in Furry fandom doesn't have anything to do with that.

Now, I'll admit part of the reason I've never been able to understand that attitude is because I only hang around with cool people, so maybe I'm biased. I've no doubt there are bad people in the fandom, but in my experience they've been the exception, not the rule.

Consider this similar example: Someone who had just gotten started on LiveJournal was lamenting that they didn't see what what so great about it—all it seemed to be was lots of drama and people being angsty. Out of curiosity, I checked their Friends list, and he was right... there was lots of drama and angst. No wonder he was complaining! The funny thing is, that was more a result of hooking up to angsty people than a quality of LiveJournal.

I am reminded of the Discordian Sermon on Ethics and Love. ("WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH THAT, IF IT IS WHAT YOU WANT TO DO?" "But nobody wants it! Everybody hates it." "OH. WELL, THEN STOP.")

Or, as Al Goldman said: If your life is full of evil people, then you need to find new people.

Life, like furry fandom, LiveJournal, or pretty much anything else worth doing, is what you make of it. Folks can choose to surround themselves with negative people so they can feel justified in complaining about how miserable things are, but I'd say they don't have a realistic perspective.

The argument could be made that I don't have a realistic perspective, either... but keep in mind I'm not the one who's complaining about it. -:)

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