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In August 2010, I rode my recumbent bike out to see if anything remained of the old town of Willard, VA. Willard once had four schools, a church, two stores, several farms, and in 1938, a small airport. Most of this was wiped off the map in 1958 when Dulles International Airport was built, but apparently a few buildings on the outskirts that remained. These were in danger of being demolished due to the new runway expansion.

abandoned houses, Willard VA
Abandoned houses in Willard, VA

The one building that was still accessible was on Old Ox Road. Apparently it was built around 1900. It has since been demolished.

abandoned house on Old Ox Road
Abandoned house on Old Ox Road

abandoned house, living room
Abandoned house, living room

abandoned houses, living room
Abandoned house, living room

looking out the back window
Looking out the back window