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King's College campus map
A map of the King's College campus from a brochure.

King's College floorplans
Floorplans of King's College.

A letter from former King's College students, 1993
A letter from former King's College students, found in room 456.

To Betty, From Charlie

While exploring King's College, we found this old letter under a trap door in a closet on the fourth floor of the main building:

Old letter found in floorboards of Briarcliff Lodge
An old letter written on Briarcliff Lodge stationery.

Lovingly yours, Charlie
Lovingly yours, Charlie

Briarcliff Lodge
Briarcliff Manor, New York

Oct. 17, 1926

Dearest Betty,

Tonight when you told me that we had better wait a while before we got married, I knew immediately that you would never be mine. I had a premonition that something had happened or that something was going to happen that would prevent us from becoming man and wife and I thought that instead of telling you in words I could let you know in this way knowing that it would be easier for us both.

God only knows how much I hope my prediction will never come true but I know that it will, and when it does I am going to be the saddest, bluest, most down-hearted man you ever knew, because, you see, I loved you with all my heart and I couldn't bear to think of you ever belonging to anyone else.

I wanted to write more but I am too upset now, and the rest I can tell you when the time comes.

Lovingly yours,