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Fiske House

This is an abandoned house in Leesburg, Virginia, formerly owned by Charles Fiske. I think it was previously the miller's house for the no-longer-extant Tuscarora Mill. Much of the interior of the house had been gutted, as though there had been an attempt to renovate it. The second floor was inaccessible. These pictures were taken in September 2003.

The house was eventually torn down to make way for a parking lot.

view from backyard
View From Backyard

back porch of abandoned house
Back Porch

living room
Living Room

dining room
Dining Room


window in mud room
Window in Mud Room

back door
Back Door

interior of abandoned house
Living Room Showing Gutted Interior

storage room
Storage Room

second floor window
Second Floor Window

inaccessible second floor rooms
Inaccessible Second Floor Rooms

stone storage shed
Stone Storage Shed