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Centralia, PA - Photos

When you first arrive in Centralia, it will almost seem like a normal town. There are well-kepts lawns and a few scattered houses with people living in them. If you didn't know what was going on underground, you'd assume it was just another small town.

You need to drive to center of town to get the full effect of what has happened to Centralia. Picture a town of 1,100 people --- with 99% of the buildings removed with little or no trace they even existed. If you want a good comparison, drive up the main road through Ashland, the town just south of Centralia. I use Ashland as a point of reference for what Centralia looked like before the mine fire.

Today, Centralia is crisscrossed by a grid of empty streets, with a few lonely row houses in random places. It has a surreal, Twilight Zone feeling to it.

Here are some of the pictures I've taken on various trips to Centralia. Click on the thumbnail to view the full image.

Locust Ave. in Centralia, PA
Locust Ave. in Centralia, PA - looking south.

Highway 61 in Centralia, PA
Highway 61, looking north.

Park bench
A park bench in the center of Centralia, PA.

Burned woods
Burned woods near Highway 61.

Mine fire
Smoking wasteland
near South St.

Highway 61
Highway 61, looking south.

Highway 61 crack
Closeup view of the crack in Highway 61.

Speed Spot
The Speed Spot, which burned down years ago.

Centralia Post Office
The Centralia, PA post office, no longer there.

Warning sign about the mine fire
Sign warning of toxic fumes and mine subsidence.

St. Ignatius Church in Centralia
St. Ignatius Church, before.

St. Ignatius Church in Centralia
St. Ignatius Church, after.

Centralia row home
One of the row homes, no longer there.

St. Ignatius Church in Centralia
St. Ignatius Church, front.

St. Ignatius Church interior
Inside St. Ignatius Church before it was torn down.

Click here for more pictures!

The images in this collection are (c) Karl Jorgensen. Please don't use these without permission.


Created by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen